Sunday, May 6, 2012

Young Living | Lavender Essential Oil

If there was ever a contest for the most popular oil, Lavender essential oil would win hands down!

A very popular fragrance with many people, but not all Lavender oils are equal. Young Living has superior quality oils; they grow the plants, cultivate them, use a low-pressure steam distillation process and test each oil batch, everytime!

Lavender essential oil is the first oil we go to with a small cut, or, minor burn. I recently cut my finger while preparing some vegetables. One drop of oil was all that was needed. I wiped away the blood and the bleeding stopped immediatley! A bandaid was applied so that I did not get anything else into the cut. Because the Lavender essential oil is antiseptic and antifungal, I have no worry about infection.

My husband has used Lavender to help him with sinus issues. A drop of oil on the bottoms of both feet, after a shower and he was able to enjoy the outdoors! If you have an issue with blood pressure, then this is your oil! Lavender has a calming effect bringing balance to the body.

My daughter and I love the Lavender essential oil to help us wind down after a busy day! We put a few drops in the palm of our hands and rub them together gently, making a cup over our noses. Inhale and relax the body. Diffusing the oil is helpful with insomnia also. Some mothers, after placing some oil in their hands will apply them over a restless child's pillow before bed.


Young Living | Lavender Essential Oil

Young Living Lavender Essential Oil is a staple in our home!


  1. Great information! I didn't know you could use lavender oil on a cut or burn, nor did I know that it could help with sinus issues. I'm not usually good with floral scents, but lavender is one of those mild ones that doesn't aggravate my sinuses.

    1. Briana,
      Young Living Essential Oils are therapeutic, unadulterated and so useful in any situation! At first when I was introduced to these essentiala oils I was drawn because of fragrance, but then I came to realize their health benefits. Now we would not be without them!

  2. Love your practical ideas! I use essential oils too, but sometimes don't know all that I can do with them =)

  3. Hi Amy,

    Thank you for your comment!

    I can say without a doubt that Young Living Essential Oils are pure,and therapeutic! There are no chemicals or additives in the oils. Young Living grows the plants, cultivates, distills, tests each batch and bottles them.

    They have brought health, healing and wellness to my body and mind. My family and I have been using them for over a year. We reach for the oils instead of aspirins or over-the-counter medicines.

    I am glad you joined as a follower of my blog. I hope to teach and inspire others on a much healthier path, the way God intended it.

    Be well,