Sunday, July 1, 2012

Survival Tips for 24 Hour Outage

Two days ago, my family and I experienced an upset in our home. A storm came through late Friday afternoon blowing severe winds and thunder! We live in a well built two-story home with a full basement and were quite comfortable; maybe sometimes we are too comfortable. Dinner has just been eaten and the Friday evening plans were being discussed.

Then it happened! The power went out!

We waited calmly, dirty dishes piled high and wondered how long this would be going on. Since it is summertime, it doesn't get dark very early, so we were still feeling okay, but knew it would be getting dark soon. We could not get any water for the dishes, or, the toilet for that matter. No-one dare open the refrigerator and let any of the cold air out. So, we waited.

Then, my son had the idea of a Monopoly game! I hadn't played in years and we gathered around the breakfast nook. Two hours passed and we are lighting up the antique oil lamp. Oh how I love that lamp even more, now! I attributed my winning the game, of course, to wearing my Young Living Abundance essential oil! I am not sure how quickly the kids will be asking me to play anytime soon!

Finally, we decided to just go to bed and were hopeful that the power would come back on during the night. It didn't and we arose to a beautiful much cooler breeze, thank God! Later in the day the house temperature went up to 82 degrees, again not unbearable. My husband went to the grocery store and bought bags of ice. The refrigerator was emptied and the food stored in two coolers. The kids were happy to eat up the already melting ice cream!

To stay cool, I drank lots of bottled water adding a drop of Young Living Peppermint essential oil with each fill up. It was refreshing and kept me cool. My daughter likes the Lemon oil in her drink.

Then, we had a toilet isse. A family of four and not one toilet could be flushed! No need to say anymore. Out came the Thieves Waterless Hand Purifier!



I am a clean nut in my kitchen, constantly wiping down the countertops. I had a batch of Thieves Household Cleaner already mixed in a quart size mason jar and started using it quickly. Everthing felt sticky and tacky as the humidity built up.

I love the smell of Thieves cleaner; a blend of pure clove, cinnamon bark, rosemary, lemon, and Eucalyptus radiata essential oils. The Young Living smaller bottle holds 14.4 ounces and all that is needed for this quart mason jar is one ounce, the rest is water! I figured I can make three and one-half gallons of this amazing cleaner. Thieves has been tested to kill 99.9 percent at killing bacteria. I use it on everything!

Twenty-five hours total went by and thank God, the power came back on! We were so thankful and I vow to have Young Living's Thieves products with their natural antibacterial properties on hand at all times!


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